Welcome! was created in reverence to all Mamas, with the simple hope of brightening your day.

Articles shared here are written with the goals of sharing ways i’ve found to more fully love life as a mama, save time, eat well, or get in a good laugh. The comment section is designed to give you space to share your experiences and not be judged, which in Mamaland is sooooo important.
Too often we are subject to each other’s scrutiny, comparisons, or worse, our own self-defeating unrealistic expectations. This blog is for bucking those trends, for living life intentionally, for friendship and for love of our lives as they exist now, not as we idealize them to be in the future (I’ll be so much happier when i lose weight, have a bigger house, when the terrible two’s are over, as soon as the work week is over…).

Mama's love is...
Mother’s love is…

I am Dani Jean and I started this blog when my first child was about one year old. I’d been attempting to get it going while I was pregnant, but my expectations of early Mamahood weren’t even in the same universe as the reality of it all. My husband (my Hunny) and I have been married over 10 years. We waited over eight years to add children to our family and I’ll tell more about that another day. Eight years is a loooong time to build up expectations of how this Mama thing would go down. I am blessed to have a husband who is both patient, flexible and understanding, who helped me to rally and get this site up and running. Thank you my love!

Thanks for dropping by. I hope that you find something you like, stay awhile and share your thoughts with us. You can reach me at or by completing the form below.

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