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Sanitize Without Chemicals 10
LIghtweight & Durable 8.5
Compatible With Standard Cleaning Rags 10
Surfaces Dry Quickly After Cleaning 9.5
Long Cord 10
Quet During Operation 6.3


9 tech score Overall I am very happy with the Oreck Steam-It mop. My biggest complaint is that the large mop head squeaks and creaks due to the plastic ball joint where it pivots (I moan and groan when I have to clean too). This makes it sound cheap, but it has held up to regular use over the last year. I can live with a bit of noise for the satisfaction of having sanitized floors.

This review was not paid for and the product described was not discounted in exchange for my review. All opinions are in-fact 100% my own.

I know, cleaning – blech, boring. But with a new baby in our home, a good steam cleaner was one of my most important purchases. What better way to sanitize than to steam clean! With steam there are no chemical vapors or residue. With my baby’s face down on the floor during tummy time, eventually crawling and then rolling around trying to eat things off the kitchen tile, I wanted to make sure all my floors were as clean as possible.

I borrowed my sisters SHARK steam mop, which worked well but I found the head of the mop was bulky and difficult to maneuver. I researched dozens of steam cleaners. I had a budget of $100. I read Amazon reviews, review websites, I talked with friends and family.

I finally decided on the Oreck Steam-It mop. Here is why:

  1. It sanitizes hard surfaces in 5 seconds
  2. Pressurized dry steam means that it dries quickly
  3. 25 Foot cord (so you don’t have to fumble with those infant outlet protectors too often)
  4. At only 10 Lbs it is pretty light
  5. Several attachments come with the Oreck Steam-It (so it can be used for spot cleaning, window washing and grout) including a mini funnel for filling up the reservoir
  6. You can use it with the bonnets that come with the package or with small towels

Steam Mop In Action

Since purchasing I’ve used the mop at least one time per week on all tile in my house and occasionally to spot clean after meals and to sanitize my carpet. I loooooove how clean it leaves my tile; no residue and dry within seconds. Lets give this a moment of thought: every time you mop with a sponge you are spreading around bacteria and whatever else has been growing on that sponge since your last mop job – eeeeewwww! Clearly, you can see why this is such an important item to add to your cleaning arsenal. Especially when you have chickens who free range and leave little bird bombs all over your patio, dogs who leave presents on the lawn, and little feet that don’t mind where they walk…well, you get the idea.

I recently tried the grout attachment. While the steam rocks for a quick to like-new finish, the bristles don’t really stand up to much scrubbing (maybe that’s why they sent three replacement grout bristles with the mop). The steam followed by a rag underfoot along the grout lines cleans just as well if not better than scrubbing with the bristles anyhow.

Window cleaning and shower cleaning is easy, and with the tank 1/2 full, it is light enough to lift up and use on these surfaces. I’ve even cleaned my bathroom mirrors with the window attachment. Did I mention that I loooooooove this Oreck Steam-It mop? Cleaning attachments are easy to change with the press of a button.

The Oreck Steam-It mop does fall victim to hard water, so, it is best to use distilled water to avoid having hard water build up inside the unit. It also needs to be cleaned every 10-15 uses or so. This is a simple 5 minute task, which only requires the cleaning bristle and wire that comes with the mop. Admittedly, I’ve only cleaned it twice since I bought it over a year ago, and it still runs great.


  • Cleans awesome with no residue and very little effort
  • No chemicals needed to sanitize
  • No more sponges! Yes!
  • Dry surface in seconds because it produces a pressurized dry steam
  • Long cord, minimizing need to fumble with baby outlet covers
  • Light enough to clean shower tile, mirrors, windows (about 10 Lbs)
  • Quick to heat up and produce steam
  • Amount of steam produced is easy to adjust while operating the mop
  • No waste: wash the bonnets or towels in the washing machine


  • When using the main cleaning head on the mop, it squeaks and creaks. Plastic parts don’t sound durable, but have stood up to regular use so far
  • Grout Bristles should be made stronger to stand up to more scrubbing
  • Mop should be cleaned internally every 10-15 uses (for $100 bucks there were no self-cleaning units)

Oreck Steam-It Mop Attachments Bonnets
Attachments & Bonnets

Warning: Hot steam needs to be used with caution as it will burn if it contacts your skin. Do not use around toddlers and babies.

Bug likes to help me mop, but she knows “hot” means it’s gonna hurt if she touches it. So whenever I get the mop out she gets excited to see the steam, but she is always cautious not to get too close.

I bought the Oreck Steam-It mop over a year ago from Discount Cleaning Products website (not an affiliate link). A coupon code I found online saved me 20%. I searched recently and couldn’t find any valid coupon codes – Bummer. Their price ($115) is still the cheapest I could find on a quick search. Shipping was fast and packaging was adequate.

If you’re an Amazon Prime junkie like me, you can get is with two-day shipping at a very low price here as well:

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