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Looking for an infant potty seat? Look no further! Here’s how I found the best potty for potty training a toddler. If you read my last post on potty training you know that I used elimination communication with my daughter as an infant and into her early toddler months. We worked with her recently to transition to training pants and stop using diapers (except at night). I found a Travel Potty on Amazon a few months ago that was compact and easy to use, but didn’t want to spend money on another infant potty training toilet; we had one that my daughter liked already. It wasn’t until we took a recent trip out of state to visit family that I broke down and bought this Travel Potty by Cool Gear. Hands down, it is the best potty for potty training a toddler. As soon as I opened the box it I wished that I had purchased this infant potty seat months ago.

What Makes A Good Travel Potty?

Think minimalist. I wanted the potty to be compact enough to fit into an adult backpack. The potty needed to be light enough for my 20 month old to carry. I didn’t want to have to purchase any “special” product-specific bags to use the potty. Of course, the best potty for potty training would be one that I could seal and dispose of waste without having to wash the potty out after each use. – Think of all the stuff you could leave at home: water jug, clorox wipes, rags or paper towels…

Well the Travel Potty by Cool Gear scores points for all the aforementioned features. Additional points are given for side storage for extra clothes and a small book and/or place to stash a small reward or two. The seat surface is smooth and easy to wipe clean, and it has click-lock folding legs that make it feel super sturdy when set up. Best feature of all, it works with standard gallon size zip-lock bags, which fit under the toilet seat. So, not only is the part you touch to close the bag is never soiled, your child doesn’t have to sit on a plastic bag to go potty. Score! I know that may sound weird, but try to get a toddler to sit their bare butt on a piece of plastic and not want to play with it or scream about the way it feels weird (or sweaty in the summer).

There are only two minor drawbacks I found to the Travel Potty by Cool Gear. While the potty functions great, the packaging had no directions on how it folded and unfolded. I was excited when I got it, and opened it up right away. Legs of the potty unfolded and clicked into place easily, however, I couldn’t figure out how to fold the darn thing back up. There were no instructions with the potty or on the box. I think i nearly broke it trying to fold it back up-thankfully it was well made. When I unfolded it again, I noticed there are two tabs on the inside of the legs which say “push”. When you push them the legs easily fold back to their original compact position. The only other drawback, is that the potty seat is circular, and doesn’t have a very large “horn” in the front to redirect pee back into the potty. So I’ve taught my daughter to lean forward a little when she goes instead of leaning back and the problem was solved. Imagine my surprise the first time she used the potty though.

Needless to say, this potty goes with us everywhere. Whether we’re going to the grocery store, at the park, library, in the back yard, to Grandpa’s house, you can bet we have this potty with us! Bug loves it, and our routine is simple. If we’re out and about, she tries to go before we leave on the “big potty” in the house. Then when we arrive, she tries to go again. I set up the travel potty on the floor board, or sometimes the back of the truck. If we are going to a museum or theme park we’ll just throw it in the backpack. She’s reminded that we are going into a store or to play, but if she needs to go potty she is to tell me so we can stop to go potty. I tell her if she goes in her pants we will need to take a long time to clean up the mess (to which she replies a guttural “ukkkkkkck” in disgust).

This routine has really worked well for us. We’ve only had one public accident, which happened at the grocery store checkout counter, and it barely leaked through her pants thanks to the toddler training pants that she was wearing, click here to read more about those!

Since turning two last month, Bug has eliminated accidents during the daytime. As a reward she graduated to Big Girl panties that she got to pick out. She’s excited to wear them and they are easier for her to pull up and down because they are less bulky. She still wears a diaper at night time, because, well frankly, we’re only two months from welcoming a new baby into our world. This pregnancy has me exhausted, and tackling night time potty trips is a bit daunting for me at the moment. We are all proud of her success and growth in the last few months.


Review overview

Easy to Clean 9.5
Compact, Lightweight & Easy to Travel With 10
Sturdy, Stable & Well Made 9
Mimicks Real Toilet Seat (Flat, Round) 10
Doesn't Require Purchase of Brand Specific Replacement Bags 10
Has Storage for Change of Clothes, Small Books 10


9.8 tech score I really do LOOOOOVE this Toddler Potty Seat by Cool Gear. It folds compact and is light and travels well. This potty uses any standard gallon size seal-able (ziplock style) bags and the surfaces are easy to wipe clean. The seat is flat and is good training for using a larger potty. And Bonus: there is storage compartments on both sides for extra clothes, wipes, books or rewards! I foresee us using this potty well after training is complete, as it will cut down on the need to use sketchy public restrooms!

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