I am all about saving money and time, especially on things that are routine, where the savings adds up over time. A lower energy bill is big on my hit list. Lately I’ve been wondering why my clothes dryer timer displays one minute left on the cycle yet still runs for another 30+ minutes.  Not very efficient! So I decided to investigate.  Here is what I found:
Clean out your dryer lint. Image of dryer lint pile.
Dryer Lint – Clean That Hose!
Yes, that is a a lint ball the size of a basketball.  I confess, In all my cleaning efforts, I never even thought to clean the appliance that cleans my clothes.  Sure I’d run the “tub wash” cycle on my clothes washer once a month, but the dryer has no such setting or indicator.  Clothes dryer manufacturers-(Samsung, Whirlpool, Maytag, I’m talking to you)-will you add an indicator light that tells us consumers when to clean our dryer please?

How do you get a clean dryer you ask?  It is this simple:

Keeping a clean dryer starts by unplugging the dryer from the wall, just to be extra safe; no one needs to be electrocuted today.  Pull out the lint trap, clean it.  Grab a flash light and depress the lint trap flap (where you normally reinsert the lint trap screen), Is there a bunch of lint that snuck past the trap?  If so, have your husband, child, or neighbor help you hold the flap open while you use something to pull out that sneaky lint.  I used needle nose pliers from my husband’s tool box, but you could use anything that fits in the space: chopsticks, a long wooden spoon, your kids’ drumsticks. Once it is clear put the lint trap back into it’s proper place.
Next, remove the dryer hose from the back side of the machine. You will need a flathead screwdriver to loosen the screw on the band at the base of the hose, then pull the hose off the dryer.  Look inside, more lint?  If you’re like me and have gone 3+ years without cleaning your dryer, you more than likely have a hose full. Disconnect the hose from the wall by loosening the screw on the band around the hose where it connects to the wall.
Now, put on your brave-mama face, stick your arm in the tube and pull that lint out. Alternately, you could go buy a new hose, but we are talking about saving money here, and its a perfectly good, albeit lint filled hose. So take the plunge and sweep it out with your hand.
Once you’ve cleared out the fuzz, reattach the hose at the wall and the back of the dryer and tighten the screw on the bands that hold each end of the hose in place. Plug the dryer back into the wall socket.
The whole cleaning process should take less than 10 Minutes.  Now add it to your monthly chore list.

Congrats! You are on your way to a lower energy bill.

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