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DIY Bubbles Recipe – Giant Bubbles


Bubbles bubbles in the air, bubbles bubbles everywhere! Who doesn’t love to play with bubbles!? Small bubbles, giant bubbles, double-bubbles, bubbles that you can catch and bubbles that you can race. Bubbles are a great sensory science play opportunity, as well as an awesome excuse to linger outside and soak up this beautiful Fall weather we’re experiencing in the southwest. While playing one day, I noticed that our bubbles all came from China or Mexico which made me a little wary of the ingredients. Plus, bubble soap is expensive when you look at the per ounce price. This set me on a mission to make my own – DIY Bubbles Recipe. I wanted a strong solution that we could use for blowing giant bubbles and for having bubble races.

Giant Bubble String Wand DIY
Giant Bubble String Wand DIY

After testing many recipes I found online, (and suffering serious dry hands from a few bad recipes) here is the DIY bubbles recipe that I ended up making. I absolutely love it:

DIY Bubbles Recipe

  • 3 Cups Distilled Water
  • 1/2 Cup Blue Ultra Dawn
  • 1/4 Cup Agave Nectar (or Karo Syrup)
  • 1/2 tsp Glycerin (optional)

Use a wire whisk to mix all ingredients slowly. Take care not to form too much foam or bubbles on the surface. Carefully pour into a shallow pan, (i used an aluminum disposable pan) and bust out the giant bubble blowers! Voila, awesome GREEN bubbles. We call them hulk bubbles, or if you’re Irish: lucky leprechaun bubbles. If foamy bubbles form in the pan from pouring, allow them to settle/pop. Bubbles on the surface will steal the bubble fluid from your wand as you lift it from the solution.

Fun Bubble Play Ideas:

  • Blow giant bubbles with wands created from wire hangers
  • Create a string bubble wand with two straws, a needle and a piece of yarn. Thread the yarn onto the needle, then push the needle through one end of each straw. Then tie a knot to form a loop. Hold the straws and dip the string completely into the solution, hold the straws apart and drag through the air to create a bubble, bring straws together to close the bubble.
  • Blow several bubbles and have your child pick one; using their breath to move the bubble, race the bubbles across a designated finish line, first one there without popping wins!
  • Catch a bubble without popping it, sometimes you can bounce them off your hand
  • Have your little one count how many bubbles they can pop before they hit the ground
  • Challenge your little ones to pop bubbles only with their right foot, left foot, pinky finger or their nose! (This makes for fun photo opportunities)
  • Take a minute to explain to an older child why bubbles float when your breath is warmer than the outside air (warmer air rises). Have them experiment by holding an ice cube in their mouth while blowing bubbles and note the change in speed at which the bubble rises or falls.

A few notes:

  • Glycerin can be found at the pharmacy first aid section or sometimes in the baking isle of the grocery store
  • I used agave nectar because it was what i had on hand, but any sugar syrup should do. Karo Syrup is cheap and effective
  • The bubbles perform better a day or two after mixing them up. Leave them out overnight and have fun with them in the morning
  • This solution works well in dry weather
  • This solution will leave your floors sticky, best used outside in grass or dirt
  • What is your favorite bubble recipe? If you try this DIY Bubble Recipe, please come back and let me know how it worked for you!

    Bubbles Sensory Play
    Bubbles Sensory Play

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